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Mangrove Boat & Kayak Tours

In the mangrove everything flows harmoniously. The most extraordinary biodiversity of plants & wildlife live here in the Damas Island. William, owner of Aventuras Tropicales has grown up in the canals of Damas Island. This excursion will take you through the Damas canals where there are no shortage of wildlife and amazing plant life with its unique ability to survive in salt water. This tour can be done either by boat or kayak and is fun & educational. The bonus part is that it's also a cultural immersion experience. William’s family will cook you a homemade meal at his farm in Damas & tell you all about the history of the area, its wildlife and growing up here in Costa Rica. By the end of the tour you’ll feel like part of the family 

Like fishing? Try Mangrove Fishing!

Get even more immersed in the mangroves. Experience the peace & tranquility of the mangroves while fishing for snook, jacks & snapper. The mangroves are thriving with wildlife such as monkeys, birds, crabs, sloths & almost anything else that you could imagine lives in this estuary. This gives you the chance to see the biodiversity of this ecosystem. Afterwards, you will get to see a bit of the culture when you share a typical Costa Rican meal at the family farm at Aventuras Tropicales.

Mountain Bike Tour

For those looking for something different, Aventuras Tropicales has bicycle tours. Growing up in Damas & Quepos he knows the all the hidden trails where you can enjoy a scenic morning ride from the community of Damas and through the palm plantations. Here you will learn about the palm plantation & how palm oil is processed. You will also learn about how the farmer lives as you pass through the farm community of San Antonio de Damas. You will then stop for a beautiful & refreshing Pirris river swim, taking time to enjoy the scenery & play in the water. At the end of the tour enjoy a homemade Costa Rican lunch at William's family finca near the mangroves. This is a great tour for those interested in the rural & cultural aspects of Costa Rican farms and palm plantations- 

For more info please call 5019-5889 or http://williammangrovetours.com/


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Cathie A
Cathie A05-22-2017 06:57PM
Highly recommended

This is a family owned business that truly delivered the Tico experience. We had our choice between a power boat or kayaking trip. We chose the power boat. Part of this tour includes door to door service from where you are staying to William's home and back. Once there, we embarked on a tour hosted by William's niece Laura. She did a wonderful job of explaining the different mangroves and their environment while seeing our fair share of monkeys, a four-eyed opossum, a boa, bats, and a large variety of water birds and crabs. When we returned an outstanding "Tipico" breakfast was made and served by William's wife. If you are looking for a real off the grid Costa Rican experience, this is the one for you

nicola Melby
nicola Melby03-28-2014 07:28PM

The ride along the mangroves was exactly as advertised. We started our trip with a school of monkeys and then enjoyed the scenery and peacefulness of the mangroves. We saw a silky anteater, bats, lots of flora and learned a little about the area from our guide. The highlight of the trip, however, ended up producing my favorite meal in all of costa rica. The owner.s mother and family served traditional fare for lunch. I had delicious fish, some kind of cucumber sald which was outstanding, salty delicious plantain chips topped with amazing cashew juice for a beverage.

Jared11-09-2013 10:54PM
We love you guys, and would do it again!

We all had such a good time with the guys and the monkeys!

Louise11-09-2013 10:51PM
Had such a great time

Had such a great time on this tour today! Thank you William & Carlos and this curious monkey