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Chamber of Commerce Membership Benefits

by on 04-10-2018 in Costa Rica

Chamber of Commerce Membership Benefits

Why be a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (CCIT) of the Canton de Quepos?

We get this question a lot. Mostly from business owners who are not yet a member and do not take the time to inquire about the main mission of the Chamber and the specific missions of the respective Standing Committees.

A look at the 2015/2016 Year End Report from out Board really explains in a “nut shell” what our 21 year-old CCIT is all about i.e. to improve the social-economic conditions and personal welfare of all approximately 30.000 citizens in the Canton de Quepos. We do this by focusing on the primary needs of our members in the business community. What we think these needs are is determined by frequent meetings of our 6 key Standing Committees which serve as a “sounding board” for our Board of Directors. Each of our Standing Committee is represented by an Active Board Member.

Once these particular needs are determined each Committee Chairman “jumps into action” and with the assistance of the respective Committee determines an Action Plan on how to lobby for a successful outcome. Weekly meetings of Chamber Staff with the Chamber President ensure constant monitoring of the progress of each Committee Action Plan which is reported back to the full Board during their monthly meetings.

The Chamber’s “power” lies in the reputation of the Chamber and its ability to lobby successfully with the right contacts at the local level i.e. in our Municipality or within the Central Government. While the Chamber has no “power of the pen” it constantly seeks volunteers with the expertise and the right experience needed to represents its causes and hopefully achieve its specific objectives in the shortest time possible. In a bureaucratic system like Costa Rica some of these projects especially in infrastructure and/or where funds are needed can take many years.

In the case of the 21 year-old CCIT we strongly feel that, for the most part, we have been mostly successful. Just like advertising, results of our many efforts are sometimes hard to monitor because they are in many cases, gradual. As we say however, “the proof is in the pudding”, we continue to be the #1 destination in Costa Rica and, despite many limitations for our friends in law enforcement, enjoy a very low major crime rate. Collectively, we have headed corruptions issues “head on” and while we have a ways to go, are resolving our many issues one by one especially in infrastructure. National and municipal roads and bridges have seen enormous progress as well and our 5 main industries (Palm, Commercial Fishing, Marine, Tourism and Real Estate) are doing well or very well compared to most other areas. Professional unemployment is virtually non-existent and helps the main Mission of our Chamber; to constantly improve the Per Capita income of our Canton by creating a secure and healthy work environment by working closely with all governmental institutions.

By becoming a member of the Chamber your success is not guaranteed. However, what is guaranteed that your voice will be heard and that you have a “seat at the table” so you can express your opinion. What is also guaranteed is communication with those holding office by joining a Standing Committee, Sub Committee or Ad Hoc Committee or our Board of Directors so you have an actual hand in changing the direction of our Canton. We look forward to having you as a member and open a dialog with your business representatives.


Harry Bodaan  | President

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