Z Poolside Review

by Ask Zipy on 03-25-2018 in Restaurants

A new option with affordable prices and good cuisine came to Manuel Antonio, Z poolside Bistro is a unique bar restaurant because at the same time you enjoy the menu you can also use the pool and admire all the animals that the jungle gives us as monkeys marmoset, white face, parrots, among others.

I like eating a lot and since I met Z gastro Bar in the Marina Pez Vela, it became my favorite restaurant in the area, not only for the food and drinks but also for the excellent service provided by the lounge staff, bartenders, managers and even the owners Dean and Anne Michelle, all always with a smile, this inspired me to visit the new restaurant located in Manuel Antonio Z Poolside Bistro and this was my experience.

Previously I had visited the place to try the poolside snacks that are from 11 am to 5 pm, the price ranges from 1,500 colones to 2,200 colones plus taxes, not bad, is not it? Who does not want to spend the afternoon in the pool, see animals and eat? Well, I went with my sister one night to the restaurant where, as always, Chris, Isai, and Ignacio welcomed us, Ignacio put us two glasses of water followed by the menu, as I knew that any option was excellent we left our order at the disposal of Isaí who recommended us try the Rebeye on the Bone and the Seared Tuna Steak and to have a Mojito and a Margarita that should be highlighted had everything you want in a cocktail, perfect measure of ice, consistency, very good sour, very balanced.

After about 18 minutes we got the plate the plate of Atùn decorated with rosemary that followed it ignited with a torch and release the scents, the dish came with a dressing of fresh herbs for salad and teriyaki sauce for tuna, followed by the arrival of Ribeye that also came with rosemary. also pure potato, chimichurri and vegetables and a mushroom sauce for meat. the salad was fresh and the vegetables to their perfect cooking point.

You definitely have to come and try these delicious dishes and live the experience yourselves, the menu has different options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free people so no one is left out! I also like the music and if all the decoration of the restaurant is worthy of admiration, in the end, we have some delicious desserts such as Pie de Limon, Pecans and maracuyà cheesecake.

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