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When you’re looking for a reliable and safe medical clinics or hospitals in Costa Rica let our directory help point you to the services you need.


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Costa Rica Dental Tourism - Dr

Costa Rice Dental Tourism - Dr. Alberto González is one of the best dentists i

Quepos Dentists Hot

Dra. Lucía Wahrmann Vargas

Dra. Lucía Wahr

Guadalupe Doctors

Red Cross - Cruz Roj

Emergency Servi

Jaco Hospitals | Medical Facilities | Doctors | Lab | Pharmacy

Dr. Pablo Pacheco especialista

Dr. Pablo Pache

Escazú Doctors

Medical Center - Jaco

Medical Center

Jaco Doctors

Affordable Dental Implants Cos

Affordable Dent

Escazú Laboratories

Opticas Visión - Vision Care/

Opticas Visión

Quepos Doctors

New Image Anti-Aging & Sur

New Image Anti-

Pozos Laboratories

Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini Int

Dr. Marco Muñoz

Mata Redonda Doctors

Dra. Pamela Bolaños B.

Dra. Pamela Bol

Escazú Doctors

Dr. Harry Araya Fonseca

Dr. Harry Araya

Oriental Doctors

Dr. Irving Avarado Castillo -

Dr. Irving Avar

Golfito Doctors
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