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Costa Rica Due Diligence



Due diligence is the careful, thorough evaluation of a potential investment, whether on a corporate or individual level.

What We Can Do For You

Costa Rica Due Diligence can help with property inspections, business -investigations-evaluations, research and record searches, community advice and other related services to assist you in getting the information you need, when you need it so you can make an educated decision

As we know personally, A Third Party is highly recommended.

  • Is the business you are purchasing really as busy and running the way, it was advertised?
  • Is the location of your new property purchase in the area, or in the shape structurally as the advertisement?
  • Are you interested in more images, videos of the area and property?
  • Are you interested in a home inspection?
  • Do you require information on education and local schools?
  • Don’t want to spend thousand in travel, but need boots on the ground.
  • Do you want someone to attend the venue, view the operations and report?

Costa Rica Due Diligence acts as an extension of your current team acting as a third party for reporting purposes. Our work is geared towards underpinning a client’s confidence in business decisions and identifying relevant and material issues to manage risk. You are interested in a business, or property…you are faced with potentially hiring legal assistance, using a real estate agent (which do not have to be licensed) all from abroad.

This is an intimidating prospect.

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