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Ekogas Airconditioning Eco Friendly Services

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Ekogas Company is the exclusive distributors of a Pure Green Gas refrigerant gas. which reduces the energy consumption in air conditioning equipment by up to 50%.  Pure Green Gas is a non-flammable and non-corrosive gas that complies with all international safety standards. It is constituted by highly technical components in molecular engineering.

  • This is a refrigerant gas that replaces R410a refrigerant, which is currently used in almost all of the air conditioning equipment. It is cannot be used in equipment that uses R22
  • This Pure Green Gas, is a non-flammable and non-corrosive gas, which complies with all international safety standards, is composed of highly technological components developed in molecular engineering, patented.
  • The gas has been approved by the Ministry of Industry in Spain Boletin Oficial del Estado BOE
  • Currently, Pure Green Gas equipment is sold at Carrefour (multinational distribution chain, among the top five highest-selling companies worldwide) Carrefour

Approximately 95% of the total consumption of an air conditioning equipment originates in the compressor. The refrigerant decreases up to 70% the pressure with which the compressor works, having less drag effort, the compressor will consume less energy (up to 50% less), and the equipment will have less wear on its components, without affecting the extraction of heat. Consumptions are constant there are no variations.

The return on investment for customers greater than 30- 50% per year.
It also has the following advantages:

  • Reduces sonic pollution (when lowering pressure, the sound of equipment decreases when working)
  • The Global Warming Potential(GWP 1693) is lower than R410 (1975) GWP
  • It is not inflammable
  • It is not corrosive
  • Savings in electricity consumption per unit of up to 50%
  • Increases equipment life (works at less pressure)

PCA Description

"Global Warming Potential" or "PCA": is the global warming potential that has a greenhouse effect on carbon dioxide, calculated in terms of the warming potential over 100 years of a kilogram of a greenhouse gas to one kilogram of CO2. Therefore, we speak of a "warming potential", that is, that can contribute to atmospheric warming compared to what the CO2 that takes the value of 1 contributes.

*Disclaimer Notice: We generally get excellent energy saving measurements results with the replacement of the fuel, but actual electricity invoice savings will vary depending on a variety of factors including some of the following examples. Read More ...


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