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I lose a sense of time while I work. I try to “sink” into my client’s body, all the while with peace & love in mind., My work is intense for me, and thus gratifying., PUNTARENAS PROVINCE, ,Costa Rica


Massage is like a trance for me

Preparation begins with intention. I take time to summon all the energy that I can by using breathing exercises or meditation & focus on the work at hand. Setting up the table can be extremely valuable time to hear my clients state of being. Some come in need of compassion, others with muscular aches & some need stress relief. The time spent with a client is sacred. It's my commitment to the human body which makes the process so special. Massage therapy has never been just a job. It's out of a genuine love & inspiration that I do what I do. I'm obligated to be the best I can be. Although I'm not religious, I always ask for a blessing. From there on I tap into my client’s breathing & let my experience take over. Having trained 1st in Shiatsu I was introduced to bodywork through energy meridians. Acupuncture, Thai massage & Shiatsu are all the same principles of unlocking energy flow & stagnation

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Jenn04-02-2016 03:25PM
Perfect Day

I'm back home in the cold and missing our Costa Rican vacation. One of our highlights was our spa day with Todd. Us 4 girls all received a 1 hour massage while the boys went fishing. It was a perfect day and quiet possibly the best massage I ever had. Thank you Todd and sorry we didn't write a review sooner.

Andrea07-19-2015 07:38PM

I recently had the opportunity to receive an awesome massage by Todd. His techniques and pressure were beyond exceptional. Todd truly takes professionalism to a whole new level. I would recommend him highly. We are blessed to have Todd in our community!

Danielle07-12-2015 06:08PM
Incredible massage.

Incredible massage. Todd knew exactly what he was doing. He hit every pressure point. I’ve had many massages and this was by far the best! Thank you Todd

Colleen04-21-2015 08:10PM
The Best

The best...another reason to go to Costa Rica....Todd will soothe your over worked you can unwind and enjoy your vacation!