MidWorld Superman Ziplining and ATV Tour

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Downtown Quepos in Commercial Building La Garza, PUNTARENAS PROVINCE, 60701 ,Costa Rica
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Escape your world and come to ours at MidWorld Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio’s premiere outdoor adventure park!

Nestled among over 1,500 privately protected rainforest, our range of activities are catered to provide high thrills for all in a safe, high-quality manner.

Features of the park include:

Double-Cable Ziplining Tour

Manuel Antonio’s only Double-cabled Zip-Lining Course, including 9 lines, 17 platforms, 2 suspension bridges, and a double-lined rappel, Hanging bridge, Includes a Hands-Free Braking System. Glide through the trees and witness the marvel that is the Costa Rican jungle in this amazing adventure. 

 Costa Rica’s longest Superman Zip Line

 (Add on, Tour or Super Combo tour)

The Superman line, which, at over 1km long & reaching speeds of 40-50mph, is the longest & one of the fastest, double-cabled lines in Central America. Sail over a working teak plantation and the Río Cañas, surrounded by the nearby mountains. 

 Fully-automatic ATV tour

Start your engines and let the adventure begin! Drive through the beautiful primary and secondary rainforest and alongside the Rio Cañas on the only fully automatic ATVs in the Quepos / Manuel Antonio area. Stop by scenic ocean views & the option to swim in a secluded waterfall. Great location for some really great photo opportunities and a chance to cool off in the natural pools beneath the cascades!

Hiking Tours

 Experience nature on your terms!

With our custom tour options, you can choose from various activities (hiking or photography), all of which allow you to see some of MidWorld’s most beautiful sites. Clients can customize their tour depending on their desired level of physicality (ranging from moderate to high), and desired destination, so that each adventure is tailored to them.

The Spider Free Fall

Live the spider life (without the extra legs!) on the Spider Free Fall!

(Add-on tour only)

  • Located behind our Superman Line, in beautiful primary and secondary rainforest 
  • Test your climbing skills on the “web,” a diagonal net that begins on the ground and slowly ascends to a treetop platform of 45 meters (about 150 feet) 
  • Featuring a guided free fall off of the platform using DEUS technology, the 1st of its kind in Manuel Antonio 
  • Participants descend at a rate of 2 meters/sec, while moving laterally on a treetop zipline, creating a smooth gliding motion to the other side of a ravine 
  • A second net on the other side of the ravine provides a comfortable, cushioned landing

Looking to relax in the rainforest without all of the adrenaline?Come spend the day with us as a Passenger!

  • Ideal for family or group members who do not wish to participate in tours 
  • Includes transportation to/from the Manuel Antonio area 
  • Homemade Costa Rican lunch provided 
  • Includes the option to ride up to the first canopy platform with family or group members 
  • Unlimited use of the MidWorld facilities, including our Hummingbird & Butterfly Garden 
  • Great opportunity to relax and observe/photograph native flora and fauna

Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden

Meet some of Costa Rica’s smallest winged beauties in their natural habitat!

  • Garden designed to attract native hummingbirds and butterflies, as well as other bird species
  • Located conveniently next to our restaurant area 
  • Access included with all tours 
  • Includes two thatched ranchos, with seating areas for up to 8 people each 
  • A great place to relax after other tours


Safety: MidWorld is committed to keeping you safe. All our lines are double-cabled and meet the highest international standards of safety. We strive to provide clients with an experience that is both memorable and secure. 

Protecting our Environment: MidWorld strives to maintain Costa Rica’s pristine natural beauty through the reforestation of native hardwoods back into the rainforest. We at MidWorld are working to ensure that Costa Rica continues to remain beautiful for future generations to come.  


Hours Currently Open

Sunday : 6:30 am - 8:30 pm

Monday : 6:30 am - 8:30 pm

Tuesday : 6:30 am - 8:30 pm

Wednesday : 6:30 am - 8:30 pm

Thursday : 6:30 am - 8:30 pm

Friday : 6:30 am - 8:30 pm

Saturday : 6:30 am - 8:30 pm

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Kristina07-31-2017 04:02PM
Great Time

Outstanding tour. We had a blast. Very professional. We did just the ATV tour and loved it.

Orit08-15-2014 10:02PM
Loved the tour

Had a great time and the scenery was beautiful The guides were great and I felt very safe. And the food was really good. I didn't expect such a great lunch from a tour..

Talia08-10-2014 05:15PM
Had a blast

we had so much fun. The guides were great and the scenery was beautiful.

Laura01-18-2014 03:41PM
A must do!

Just went ziplining with Midworld in Costa Rica and it was AWESOME!! You have to do the separate "Superman Zip" at the end - as close to flying that I've ever been. Have to say this was the safest ziplining I've ever done with 2 cables...never worried once that something was gonna break. Our guides were terrific, especially "Joe" who was very funny and made the trip even more fun. Topped it all off with a delicious meal at the end of the trip. Must do for anyone visiting Costa Rica!!