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Ask Zipy - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Zipy?

Zipy the Sloth is our company mascot. He is the go-to expert for online Directory of businesses and services for a specific city, town or location to help consumers find what they need and for businesses to broadcast their offerings. The overall directory is offered as a FREE Membership for businesses to upload valuable information such as company name, address, phone number, web address and other key information. For greater visibility and a nominal fee, businesses can select up to three other membership plans which significantly enhance their presence on the site and ability to reach many more customers.

What cities/towns are available for the Directory?

We cover all of Costa Rica.

Why should I use Ask Zipy?

The main benefit Zipy provides to consumers is convenience (everything is on one site), awareness of local companies including reviews and rating and, a single source to make you aware of all the available Specials/Deals. Businesses benefit from reaching a broader audience, promoting unique offerings or services and overall awareness of their company.

Who has to pay for Ask Zipy listings?

Ask Zipy is for all customers searching to fulfill their needs as well as all Businesses listed under the Complimentary “Free” Membership Directory. To enhance exposure, Start up, Grow Big, Optimize and Go Pro Memberships are provided to businesses for a nominal fee.

What types of Memberships are available?

There are 4 Membership plans for businesses to choose from ranging from the Start Up Membership to the Go Pro Membership.

  1. Start Up Membership – allows businesses to upload critical information such as Company name, logo, website address, phone, address, email address and can receive ratings and reviews.
  2. Grow Big Membership – All of the benefits of the FREE membership but can now list their business in two different categories; provide an image of their company and ability to educate their audience with short and long description of their services/offerings.
  3. Optimize Membership – All the benefits of the Basic Membership plus can now list in up to 3 categories for increased exposure and participate in Hot Special Ads and Featured listings. Also will be positioned higher in your selected category.
  4. Go Pro Membership – All the benefits of the Premium Membership plus the largest size available for company description, up to 5 categories and an incredible 50 images as well as 50 documents for menu's, flyers, etc, You can also participate in the very large Center banner AD. Elite Members will be seen first at the top of each selected categories.

As a business, can I add a Feature listing if I only have a Free Membership?

Each membership provides certain additional benefits - so to provide a Featured advertisement; you have to be a Premier or Elite Member. Contact us to discuss the membership packages.

Can I add additional Feature Ads or other types of Ads?

Yes. Our Go Pro and Optimize members receive FREE, several one month Ads with their memberships but have the ability to purchase additional Ads so they maximize their presence throughout the year.

Does Ask Zipy sell products?

Yes. Ask Zipy sells select products and services but mostly is the matchmaker between customers and businesses. We help businesses build their exposure while assisting customers in satisfying their needs. We can provide all your outsource marketing services, websites, social media etc. The goal of our web services is to help you get more traffic, customers, revenue and noticed.

How long do the memberships last?

The Complimentary “Free” Membership lasts forever and the Start Up, Grow Big, Optimize and Go Pro are annual memberships.

Who generates the Ratings and Reviews on each Business?

Any consumer can write a Review and/or Rate a business, service or place listed in the Directory. The Reviews and Ratings help the business in identifying how they perform and helps future customers determine their buying actions.