Honesty Policy

At www.askzipy.com, we believe that all members of our site are legitimate and honest companies who have the responsibility to provide the most up to date information and accurate descriptions and prices for their businesses advertisements and promotions.  Since www.askzipy.com only acts as a "conduit of communication", all Business and Services Members should make sure that all Specials and overall communications are exactly as advertised.

If you have found any advertising to be misleading or inaccurate, please send us a message at www.askzipy.com ​ under our Contact US section and we will do our best to make things right. 


Check out our FAQ page for quick answers to the questions we hear most often.  If your question is about a specific company or service, or one of their advertisements, please contact the merchant directly.

We’re here for you.  If you still don’t have your answer, email us by submitting your question to www.askzipy.com ​ under our Contact US section of our website.  The bottom line – we are always here to help!