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Pura Vida Pest Control

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Get rid of all beetles, termites and bugs - Safely, Hours Flexible, PUNTARENAS PROVINCE, ,Costa Rica


Pura Vida Pest Control... Get rid of termites, beetles, and every other kind of insect with the largest Pest Control Company in the area. Pura Vida offers Safe Pest Control for the home: safe, non-toxic methods for controlling ants, fleas & termites!

Keep your home Bug Free!!!

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salvatore07-31-2013 09:47PM
second to none

In ten years of living in Costa Rica. Pura Vida pest control is the only REAL pest control company that I have seen.
Thanks to Crneeds, mWHS7any people who need him, will be able to find him.

Chad07-31-2013 03:27PM

Never thought I'd see the day when there wasn't any ants in my house. But thanks to Pura Vida Pest Control that day has finally come!! YES!!!! Benjamin treated my house and he was very respectful and kind and took care of all of our needs! Definitely recommend monthly treatment
So you'll never see a bug again.

Lilia Berrocal
Lilia Berrocal04-22-2013 08:16PM

Hola salieron pulgas en el sillón de la sala pueden venir

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Sabrina03-31-2013 01:32PM
Huge Difference.

Andrew and his team are great. Had termites over by our window and he got rid of them. Definitely recommend regular treatments to keep your home free of bugs. Never have to worry about ants either.

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